Fontenergy focuses on low carbon energy generation for the built environment.

We help private companies and community organisations deliver distributed energy systems that meet financial and sustainability goals. From first concept to ongoing management, we provide the expertise, tools, and products required to generate and deliver low carbon energy where people need it.

Solevo Complete Carport Installation in Ger ...

Solevo in partnership with a leading German renewable energy distributor and installer have successfully completed a 45kWp carport installation in Luden in Germany. The elegant structures span over 20 car spaces, shelter ...

45kWp Carport Installation in Germany

Sol.evo solar carport

Sol.evo photovoltaic carports are low cost, attractive, rapidly deployed solar installation


Services :

ESCO investment

Setting up the commercial structures to create and manage distributed energy schemes.

Products :

Containerised plant rooms

Prefabricated plant for use in refurbishments and new builds.

Sol.evo car canopies

Photovoltaic car canopies for use in sealed surface carparks and other urban areas.

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